Search and quantify all your customer feedback

Search, quantify and segment all your customer feedback easily. Track and group conversations based on keywords, user properties, tags and any metadata available.

Quickly identify which customer segments are behind the most popular requests and prioritize work strategically.

Get all context you need to make better decisions

Get instant visibility of what your customers are saying across the entire business. Cross-reference Intercom conversations with any other channel.

Access advanced search capabilities that help you find and track anything everywhere.

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Get everybody on the same page

Share the insights from your Intercom conversations with your team, collaborate and discover the jobs your customers are hiring your product for. Customer-driven development has never been easier.

Integrate in under a minute!

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Connect Intercom to your existing NomNom account

ZACK PRICEGlobal Success Manager at zkipster

ASHLEY RODAN Automation Engineer at Homepass

BRET SCOFIELDSenior Interaction Designer at Sumo Logic

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